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composite manhole - handhole valve

Composite doors with light weight and high resistance to frost and abrasion, as well as durability against climate change and humidity or salty beaches are used for urban organizations and services including telecommunications, sewage, gas, etc.

With composite valves, we no longer have to worry about the valves being stolen because their materials are not recyclable, so most developed countries have put their use on their agenda, and valves that were made of cast iron and concrete due to high weight, rot and Thefts are not used and are obsolete.

The composite manhole vent is a movable plate consisting of a derby on the open mouth of the manhole, to prevent people from falling into the manhole.

 The lower weight of composite manhole valves, higher slip resistance and electrical insulation of these valves have led to their increasing use worldwide.

Composite manhole doors have holes for lifting and moving, which are made by hand hooks.

These holes can be used to pass light or seal.


Advantages of composite manhole valves


1) Abrasion and corrosion resistance

Composite materials do not suffer from corrosion and rust against changes and atmospheric factors and are highly resistant to chemicals.


 Composites can keep their load-bearing capacity unchanged in the temperature range between -80 and +100 degrees Celsius, so composite valves never need to be painted.


Composite manhole valves are widely used in areas where flammable liquids are present, such as gas stations or fuel storage areas, because they are resistant to these corrosive substances and reduce the risk of dangerous sparks.


2) Electrical insulation


Composite materials are electrically non-conductive and act as insulators against the magnetic fields of underground cables.

It is worth mentioning that these materials are poor thermal conductors that protect the internal piping systems against the leakage of hot vapors.


3) Lightness and portability


Composite valve has 70% less weight than cast iron valves and can be easily transported and installed, which saves on costs related to manpower and tools and reduces damage during installation and maintenance.


4) Prevention of theft


The value of metal is increasing and as a result, the number of thieves of metal manhole valves is increasing day by day.

Theft of manhole valves, in addition to the economic damage caused by the need to replace stolen products, also carries the risk of serious accidents and damage due to open openings on roads.

Therefore, the use of composite manhole valves eliminates the possibility of theft due to lack of valuable recycling.

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