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Oman GRP composite tank

Among the composite tanks used in oil and gas projects around the world are acid storage tanks.

These tanks are usually made of GRP and are an integral part of gas extraction and refining facilities, which we will briefly explain in the following:

Acid storage GRP tanks contain nanomaterial in their composition and this prevents the source from being corroded by the acid. Also, the use of hot molds and high pressure on polymeric materials in the molds makes these products highly durable in adverse weather conditions, especially when the Humidity is high.

Another feature of composite GRP tank is preventing the entry of X-rays of the sun and protecting the liquid inside the tank from radiation outside the tank.

The composite tank can be in one piece or modular, in the modular one ,the size, volume and shape of the tank is very flexible and easy to transport due to the separation of its parts.

In addition, maintenance of these resources is very easy and accessible.

Fibergs Company has been able to make an important part of these tanks for Oman Gas Company.

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