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Moscow 60 cube meters SMC water Tank – modular tank

The progress of various industries by producing new and up-to-date products is so speedy.

One of the improvements in the tank industry is SMC composite tank productions.

SMC composite tank or GRP tank is one of the most popular composite products.

This tank has been welcomed by many businesses and industries because of its unique features.

Some of them are listed here:

1. Electrical resistant: Due to the composite reservoir, the conductivity of the tank is generally impossible.

2. By receiving certified and food-hygienic by the Ministry of Health and Food, the process of storing healthy water for a long time is completely possible.

3. The staining of the outer walls of the reservoir by special colors makes it possible to put the tank in a free space so that the ultraviolet rays do not penetrate into the tank, also by placing the tank outdoor and under the sunlight, the internal fluid temperature of the tank does not change.


The SMC tank is often used to hold water and acid, which is impossible to maintain in metal reservoirs.

Very popularity of this reservoir is due to the modularity and being panel base that allows the tank to be divided into smaller parts and then installed and implemented in the final place.

This special feature allow tank can to be carried and transported more easily.

One of the projects with SMC water tank is the project of 60 cubic meters of the Moscow city, that FIBERGS Co Had done in 2018.

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