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Plastic Water Source - SMC Modular Tanks

One of the problems of arid regions of the world is the storage of drinking water in various dimensions. In the past, this was mostly done with metal tanks, which have problems such as heating due to sunlight and water algae due to the passage of time.

Today, despite climate change and drought in some areas, the need to store water, even in sensitive environments such as hospitals and health centers, has become very important.

One of the most widely used new products that has been eliminated mentioned amends by using the latest technologies in the world is the SMC composite tank or modular GRP resources.

Some of its specifications are as follows:

- These sources do not allow X-rays to enter due to the type of external painting and the internal fluid is protected.

- Because they are modular resources, they take various forms and easily transported.

- The sources are algae free and are approved by reputable food and drug organizations for keeping drinking water.

- The life of these water sources is much longer than previous models and their maintenance is less expensive.


FIBERGS Company is one of the largest manufacturers of SMC composite tanks and is ready to provide services and advice in this field.

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