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Stealing metal manhole covers (handhole valves)

Manhole covers as one of the pillars of urban and industrial sewage and sewerage systems has different types and sizes

One of these types is metal manhole valves, which has many problems using them, including:

- Theft due to the value of metal (iron or cast iron)

-  Corrosion and rust against air, water and ...

- Erosion against weight and pressure


Among the alternatives that have emerged today, relying on new technologies and eliminating the problems of metal products are composite manholes and composite handholes.

Using up-to-date knowledge and materials such as polymer resins, these products are not only better used than metal products, but with their unique features, that some will be mentioned below, they are completely replacing the old models. .

Those features include:

- Anti-wear and corrosion against heavy weights

- Resistance to acidic liquids

- Long life and high warranty

- Variety in color, shape and size

- Indestructible


Fibergs Company is ready to provide services to all industries and municipalities in the field of designing and manufacturing various types of composite valves, composite doors, manhole and handhole composite valves.

For more information and advice, please call the given numbers.

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