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SMC tank

The panels of FIBERGS Company are baked by hot molding method and in hydraulic presses at 130C temperature and using SMC materials.
These panels are highly resistant to weight and weathering
 they are non-toxic and do not cause any contamination for stored water.

The most obvious advantages of these tanks are:

1- Ease and high speed of installation

2. Reasonable price (economic justification)

3- Ability to deassemble tank parts and transfer to other location and re-install easily or increase the volume

4- Durability and high chemical and physical resistance (no corrosion of the body, connections, bolts, etc.)

5. The best option for small or narrow areas where installing the metal and concrete tanks have a lot of problems.

6- Possibility of execution in all seasons of the year and geographical points

7- Has Food and Drugs health license to store drinking water

8- Specific assembles for special locations

9- Light weight to use as elevated tanks

10- 10 years of official company warranty and 5 years of after-sales service (50 years warranty according to standard)

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