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SMC tank features

As problems available during transferring big weight tanks through tight roads and places or even small places, it came up to create tanks modular.
Modular tank means tanks that are easily transferred or in better words, portable.
Imagine big weight water tanks like a 10KL water tank that is hard to transfer through tight roads.
The best idea for making the problem possible is to separate tank into small pieces then transfer.
SMC water tanks or resin composite water tanks are the choice that solved the problem.
This kind of tanks can be separated into smaller pieces because they are modular.
The modular advancement is improved by resin composite.
With better words it is possible to transfer a 10KL like a 500L tank.

Beside of the advantage that is mentioned, here are more advantages of SMC Water Tanks:
1.    Nonconductor: Proved By Resin Composite
2.    UV Resistance: Proved By Special Colors
3.    High Temperature Resistance: Proved By Special Colors
4.    Able to store healthy water for a long time: Proved By License Of Foods And Drugs


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