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AbuZabi Polyethylene Tanks

Storing liquids is one of the most important issues in industries all over the world.

There are lots of problems during storing liquids like: temperature, Sunlight UV effects, dust, electricity and etc.

The main problem is caused by the tank that is used in storing process.

Old tanks was made by metal and related amends but nowadays resin base composites help us to create new type of tanks such as polyethylene tanks witch resolve many old problems.

These tanks had some advantages like: Nonconductor, Food Certificate, UV resistance and etc.

By these advantages, the usage rate of polyethylene tanks had increased.

One of the most important advantages of these tanks is their flexibility in size and shape.

By different sizes and shapes it will be possible to use these tanks in different places.


One of the places that Fibergs Co had made a polyethylene tanks is in AbuZabi , UAE.

The project detail is as follow:

15 tanks were made in size of 20KLiter to store oil products in 2018.

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