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Composite manhole cover – manhole door

Most heavy industries and Municipal Services Organizations are looking to use the composite manhole cover and door for underground facilities.

Special features, reasonable prices and unique manufacturing structure are positive points of this product.

One of the important applications of manhole covers is to use in water and sewage organizations.

Some features of the manhole composite covers are mentioned below:

1. Electrical Resistance

Spatial and environmental sensitivities of some businesses to electricity flow have caused limitations in the use of metal manhole covers. Composite manhole valves are the best options.

2. High pressure bearing in heavy weights

Due to the existence of heavy machinery and tools within water and Sewage Company, the manhole composite door can be used.

3. Customizing the valve by inserting the special logo of the customer and the colors and arbitrary sizes

Due to the formation of the shape of valves by mold, it is possible to hack the desired logo of the employer on composite valves.

According to the mentioned features, one of the best products to use in water and Wastewater Company is the manhole composite door.

Fibergs Co. has also carried out the project of water and Wastewater Company in number 600 manhole of composite valve.

Description of this project is as below:

The company's project was finished in 2018.

In this project 600 manhole composite doors with their frames were produced.

All frames are black in frame and blue in the door.

The main use of these valves is for the transmission of sewage that the diameter of each valve is 400 mm with the ability to connect to the composite manhole, PVC and other manholes.

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