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Dubai Hospital SMC Tank

By developing and improving technologies, SMC Tank had catch a good rank between other products.

The base material used in these types of tanks is resin composite that caused SMC Tank having some advantages.

The advantages that are mentioned below are the most certain and important advantages of SMC Tanks:


Some places are electricity sensitive. SMC Tanks can be one of the products used in those places because they are made by resin composite and resin composite abandons the transfer of electricity.

  1. UV Resistance

Due to coloring the exterior wall of the tank, sun shine UV can’t rush into the tank.

  1. High Temperature Resistance

Wall have some special materials that avoid high temperature.

  1. FDA Standards

By having standards in food and drugs, it came possible to store healthy water for a long time in the tank. This had made a choice for these tanks to be useful for more places like hospitals and etc.


One of the most important places that needs to store water for a long time is hospital.

Fibergs Co had done, a SMC tank for Dubai Hospital as below.

The whole project was done in 7 days during June of 2019.

The tank was created in dimensions 8*10*3 meters (L,W,H) with the weight 240 cube meters

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