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Modular Tank – SMC Tank project

Transferring high weight tanks through tight and narrow ways are a type of problem witch SMC tanks resolved.

Old water tanks like metal tanks couldn’t be taken a part. In some situations, it was the main problem when you wanted to place a tank in specific places.

By the way new technologies made some new products to avoid such problem.

One of the produced products is SMC Modular Tank.

This tank can be taken a part in order to use and reassembled where ever it needed.

For example, it is possible to transfer the tank through ways that don’t have capacity of a huge 1000m*m water tank.

These tanks have other advantages like: Nonconductor, UV Resistance, High Temperature Resistance, Food and Drug Standard in order to store healthy water for a long time.

One of the projects that FIBERGS Co is progressing is Baku city Modular Tank.

The project detail is as below:

The whole weight of the tank is 200m*m in dimensions of 10*10*2 meters.

It finished at April 14 , 2020.

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