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Composite Raw Materials

Composite is a material that consists of two phases, the background and the filler.

Composites are made of materials that are mentioned:

Types of resins:

Unsaturated polyester resin

They are the most widely used types of resins that have good chemical resistance.

Vinyl ester resin

It comes from the reaction of epoxy and unsaturated acids, which are used in the adhesive and paint industries, building materials and composites.

Epoxy resin

A two-component resin, a type of adhesive that has a high resistance to combining with a dryer and activator, begins to harden.

Silicone resin

Silicone or polysiloxane resins are composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, which are highly resistant to heat.

Silicone oils

Silicon chloro-rubber

Silicone resins


Types of Additives:

Calcium carbonate





Types of fibers:



Shredded fibers


Cobalt octane

Mold separator wax

Separator movie

Epoxy adhesive

BMC paste


FIBERGS Company, a vanguard in the manufacture of composite materials and products, sells composite and polymeric raw materials to serve our customers.

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