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SMC Composite Tank in UAE

These days water is the most important resource that became valuable day by day.

One of the certain solutions is to store water for a long time based on the situations.

Storing needs some tools and the most important one is the tank.

The tank that is going to save the water can be in different sizes, shapes and in utilities.

One of the kinds to store water is SMC Water Tank which is used more because of its advantages.

The advantages like being modular that helps how to transfer the tank especially in places that are too tight.

A tank that can be separated into smaller pieces then be transferred.

Some other advantages of these tanks are mentioned below:

  1. UV Resistance
  2. Able to store water for a long time
  3. High Temperature Resistance


We had a SMC tank order from abouzabi ,UAE that needed a store water for a long time in an open place under sunlight.

Fibergs Company accept and done it as below:

The dimensions of the tank are 10*10*3 meters with the capacity of 300 cubic meters.

The tank is now placed on a metal platform with 25m height form ground.

The whole project was done on December in 2019.

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