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The Doha SMC Tank – Modular water tank

By global warming effects on water, some places need to store healthy water for a long time in the case of solve drought problem in warm seasons.

The most useful and efficient types of water storing is to store water in big weight tanks.

By the time you can see metal tank on roofs or on legs in order to store huge amount of water for different uses.

Resin composite had made some new tanks that have more advantages in comparing with the metal one.

Some advantages are like: nonconductor, UV resistance, anti-thermal and having food and drug certificate.

Resin composite water tanks are growing in market because of their advantages.

One of the places that these days need such a tank is Doha, a city in Qatar.

Matin Technical Design Co had done project for this city that will be detailed below:

The whole weight of tank was 99m that was created on January in 2018.

The main use target was to store healthy water for a long time in this water tank.

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