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GRP tank – Modular composite tanks in Dubai

GRP Composite tank is one of these tools that can store any kind of liquid.

This composite material base, is able to have its own characteristics and features as well as other composite products.

The features witch eager many industries to use the GRP tanks.

Some of these features include:

1. Resistant to electricity in order to prevent hazards of explosion and power eclipse in electricity sensitive places such as gas companies, oil companies and …

2. Having rubber lining to prevent chemical corrosion and also resist ultraviolet penetration

3. Explosion-resistant by thickness as well as its high strength composite and great materials that are used in production         

4. Having food and health certification to keep drinking water for a long time or transmitting healthy water and etc.


The tank is a panel tank.

This means that it is produced in small parts, so can be easy transferred and assembled in narrow and thin places.

The other characteristic of these tanks, is its anti-glare that solved the problem of maintaining fluids in open air or under sunlight without any chemical damage.

One of the requirements for the GRP tanks is to store acids.

Dubai city is one of the locations that ordered grp storage tank to store acids (HCL acid 35%).

The FIBERGS Co. in 2020, completed the order for Dubai in 3 weeks.

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