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GRP Composite Tank in Islamabad-Pakistan

With the advancement of the urbanism industry, infrastructure tools have been progressed.

Resin composite is one of the infrastructure tools that has been able to achieve a good rank with its progress.

The composite has benefited from a special characteristic that has caused its development and its growth.

Some of these characteristics are:

1. Electricity flows are not fully transported.

2. Due to the drawing of the outer sides, the high temperature transfer to the liquid in the tank is not possible

3. The outer layers are prevented from transferring UV due to their special coloring.

4. With the confirmation of the Ministry of Health, Food and pharmaceutical certificates are given for resin composite products in order to keep the drinking water in a long time.


One of the most widely used resin composite products is GRP tank.

The tank in proved by panels.

This means that the tank can be divided into smaller pieces, then in the final place or the installation location, the tank will be reassembled.

This feature has led to solve problems of many industry and even residential houses.

Places such as small roads, tight places, tall heights, etc. Need to use such a tank.

The open and underground locations can also use this tank because the tank is not exposed to free air and sunlight, and also under the ground, in between the mud, it remains undamaged.

One of the places in need of this product is industrial construction of Islamabad city, which, according to their construction structure, has decided to use these tanks.

Fibergs Co. has also produced the GRP tank described as follows:

The tank was produced at a volume of 10m*m*m for water preservation in 2019.

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