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Industrial Zones Manhole Valve ( Manhole Door )

Improvements in various industries and more updated equipment will cause new products to become available.

Urban traffic, heavy equipment, more advanced plant and etc. Require more resistant and advanced equipment.

Composite Manhole valve (composite Manhole door) is an advanced product that can create a special platform among competitors.

For example, some of its features are:

1. Electrical conductor

2. Lack of decay and corrosion: against acidic rain, acidic material etc.

3. High pressure tolerance: the differential pressure can be controlled to the valve by creating a difference in the size of the door.

4. Customization possibility: The manhole door can be produced in sizes infringing with different logos.

5. Easy carrying: Due to its low weight, manhole valve can be easily transported and installed.

Metal Manhole valves have limited usage.

These limitations are the result of their structural differences and their nature that cannot be used in any circumstance.

For example, the locations with infectious and acidic materials cannot use the metal manhole door because it causes manhole door decay and corrosion.

Also, using metal manhole doors in industrial locations with high weight and pressure, is prohibited by standards.

However, the composite valves, having the mentioned features, can be used in a variety of situations where the metal manhole door cannot.

Power plants, industrial estates, laboratories, gas and petrochemical Companies are the samples .

In industrial estates due to heavy industrial machinery as well as the traffic and machines, metal manhole valves suffer from severe damage. Hence, most industrial estates use the composite manhole valve.

This company is honored to have qualified experts to design and create standard composite manhole doors and delivered all over the globe.

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