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Composite Manhole cover and related network

With the expansion of underground transfers, the technologies of this field have also been expanded.

New types of underground channels are embedded in order to be able to transmit different materials easily with minimal amends.

One of the important technologies in this field is composite manholes and manhole doors.

Composite manhole cover is the new generation of metal manhole.

The most application of these manhole are for underground transfers (usually liquid).

Also, with the production of composite manhole, different liquids can be transferred from underground.

For example, acids, infectious and sewage..., Such as materials that cannot be transported through metal manhole.

Composite manhole cover, have its own characteristics, which make it more popular and widely used over old generations.

The electric conductor is a popular feature of this products which makes it possible to use these manholes and covers in sensitive places such as factories, petrochemicals and...

Due to the structure of this product, pressure and high weight of fluids is also well feasible.

Composite manhole is often produced with a composite manhole valve to create the most appropriate size and structure for both.

With the production of these two products, the failures decreased, valve incompatibility, high slippage, the heterogeneous valve and etc. will greatly decrease.

Fibergs Co, the superior manufacturer of manhole cover and composite manhole, has done many projects in this field.

One of these projects is the manhole GRP project in Erevan - Armenia.

The description of project is:

Several manholes have been produced in different sizes in 2018.

These manholes are all capable of connecting to cast iron, concrete, steel, PVC, polyethylene, etc.

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