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Composite manhole cover in Turkmenistan

With the expansion of businesses as well as increasing the population, many ways of transmission services have been moved underground.

For example, for liquid transfer, electricity and phone line wires,  underground transmission channels are used.

Manholes are a good solution, same as the channels that connect the origin to the destination.

Surly you have seen manhole covers in streets.

Composite science is producing manhole and composite manhole cover within advancement of industries and technologies.

The composite manhole has certain characteristics which had made the product able to compete well with its metal rivals.

The electricity conductor ability is one of the certain and important characteristics for this product so it can be used in sensitive electrical connection industries and places, such as oil and gas companies, or water and sewage organizations.

Other advantages of the composite manhole is that it can transfer different fluids. For example, acid cannot be transferred through metal manhole but the composite manhole can transmit acids and other material like that.

High pressures and heavy weights of the fluids handling is another feature of this product.

The positive point of these manhole is to be ordered to make the least of failures and problems.

FIBERGS Co. is a leading manufacturer of manhole and manhole composite covers.

Several projects have been conducted in this subject.

One of the projects done by Fibergs Company is the manhole project in Ashgabat.

Project details are as bellow:

The manhole production is diagonal as much as 1200 mm and also a length of 7000 mm.

The main use of this manhole is the underground wastewater network which is installed in Ashgabat.

The composite manhole covers as well as its frame is also produced for the manholes.

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