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Modular smc tank and its effect on hospital hygiene and preventing the spread of covid 19

It is always important for patients to take care of their health in the hospital environment for recovery and health as soon as possible, and because hospitals are among the most important institutions that have been created to survive and save lives, as well as return to health and wellness in human life. One of the most important points in any hospital that occurs if the hygiene standards are not observed, the prevalence of infections and infectious diseases, including the new malignant coronavirus disease or covid 19, which if not observed in health cases, causes pervasiveness. Most of this disease and unfortunately the death of most people.


According to research in the United States, about 5% of hospitalized patients have a nosocomial infection in hospitals, which increases their average hospital stay by 5-7 days, resulting in about $ 750. The cost of treatment increases. However, only 5% of this cost is required to control nosocomial infections, and hence the cost of controlling nosocomial infections in hospitals.

With the increasing prevalence of Kerna virus in the world community and the filling of hospitals with people with Kerna, the environmental health of hospitals is of special importance.

In general, the environmental health of hospitals includes all measures that prevent the transmission and spread of pathogens outside the hospital and vice versa, in this regard, environmental factors such as water, sewage, waste, air, food, etc. should be Be controlled in a way that, in addition to creating a healthy environment, also helps patients recover.

Therefore, health in hospital settings is directly related to the prevalence of nosocomial infections, which is the responsibility of the service department and staff working at Hami Hospital.


One of the most important parts of health care in hospitals is the water and sewage department of the hospital, which is of great importance for maintaining the health of all people in the hospital, including patients and even the staff themselves. Various are used to maintain healthy and hygienic water in the world's advanced hospitals

One of the best ways to maintain healthy water in hospitals is to use SMC composite tanks or the same modular tank. This composite tank has many advantages over other water storage tanks in order to be healthier and maintain water in the hospital.

The smc modular tank can be produced in any size and then by dividing them into smaller pieces, passing them through different paths and then installing them in the final location.

Due to its features, SMC modular composite tanks have been able to have a good growth and development in the market. Among the advantages and features of this tank are its electrical resistance, keeping the temperature of liquids in the tank constant, and its longer life Compared to other tanks, the tank is anti-ultraviolet and also maintains drinking water for a long time. Hospitals.


Fibergs Company, which has internal and external standards, is ready to provide manufacturing and installation services for these tanks in the hospitals by producing modular smc tanks.

You can also call our phone numbers or social networks to find out the price of the SMC tank and the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

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