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Septic tank and its impact on health and environmental protection

Today's lifestyle has changed a lot in human societies in proportion to the advancement and intervention of technology in social life, and this has led to the fact that in such situations human beings become extravagant and use consumerism as a culture in their daily lives. One of the characteristics of consuming human beings for greater well-being is to gain more and more natural resources and energy, and this kind of change in the living environment has caused irreversible changes in the Earth's crust, and these changes will exacerbate unexpected events over time.


The process of environmental degradation and the destruction of natural resources in countries has caused many problems for society. Today's human beings are very greedy for more well-being and therefore try to use all the facilities to be more prosperous than before.


Today, the importance and necessity of paying attention to environmental protection is known to everyone, because due to the disorders caused by industrialization in our lifestyle, it has caused cultural and psychological anomalies, which should be used optimally to protect the environment and Earth's longer lifespan has worked harder than ever.

One of the ways to help the environmental protection cycle is the treatment of industrial and urban wastewater such as hospitals, large residential complexes, stadiums, etc., which can always be optimized for the sewage system due to the high volume of sewage. Effective and practical methods such as the use of septic tanks in large complexes reduce wastewater pollution

The use of septic tank tanks is always one of the first methods among various methods of wastewater treatment, which reduces part of the sewage pollution load by settling, floating and biological anaerobic processes. Septic tank tanks can reduce wastewater pollution by more than 50 percent, which in many cases can be a convenient and cost-effective method in projects due to environmental conditions.

Composite septic tanks can be used in capacities of 2 to 50 cubic meters and also their shape is horizontal and cubic cylinders.
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