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Modular composite tank or SMC tank

One of the types of advanced tanks todays are used in many industries and urban environments and even large dimensions to store liquids, especially drinking water, are modular SMS tanks .

SMC tank is prefabricated composite with the help of standard tools and devices prepared to connect and assemble each parts of the tank toghather.

These tanks have very good resistance to pressure and impact, as well as the possibility of stability of the internal liquid from heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun from the outside.

Anti-electricity and non-erosion are also among the advantages of using composite modular tanks.

SMC tanks are made of composite under pressure, which protects them against atmospheric and natural factors such as wind and rain.

Due to on-site assembly, SMC tanks can be passed through impassable areas, and due to its construction and connections, multi-faceted shapes can be considered for it, depending on the need.

FIBERGS Company is one of the best designers and manufacturers of SMC modular tank that has done and delivered many projects in this field throughout the world.

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