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Smc modular panel tank is the best liquid storage tank

Modular smc tank, which is made of a large number of panels and in many cases is also called panel tank, is the most suitable and best option for storing a large volume of water, which is used in many places. The reservoirs, which are made using smc processes and high-pressure molding, are unsaturated due to the presence of fibers and resins, and other related additives have made these panel tanks stronger. And have high resistance


Another important feature of these tanks is the possibility of designing and installing them according to the customer's needs and tastes, so that even the smc tanks of the panel after installation can be increased if needed. Another advantage of these water tanks is the use of resins that are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which is why in many places the modular smc tank is used as a safe and healthy drinking water storage


Also, to increase the resistance of the modular smc tank, which can be installed on site, you can increase the resistance of these tanks by using fireproof coatings.

Smc prefabricated modular tanks have very easy maintenance and maintenance, which fibergs company with many years of experience in manufacturing and producing these tanks will always be by your side using the latest technology in the world. For more information and advice on construction and cost. Productions You can contact the company numbers

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Fibergs , one of the bigest manufacturers of composite smc tanks and composite valves , always is ready to support you and contact with you.

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