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Panel tank - SMC tank - polyethylene tank

Today, various types of tanks are used to store liquids.

These tanks offer different features to the user based on their raw materials.

One of these types of tanks is composite tanks.

Some of composite tank’s features include:

1. They are resistance against electricity transmission

2. They do not transmit ultraviolet rays

3. They can store oral liquid such as drinking water for a long time

4. They do not transfer their external temperature to the internal liquid


But one of the most important features of these SMC tanks is that they are like puzzles.

This feature has made it possible to break these reservoirs into smaller pieces so that these reservoirs can be traversed through small and impassable paths.

This feature also makes carrying this tank lighter so that there is no need to carry a heavy tank.

Due to the different structures of construction in the new era, some buildings need to put the tank inside the building, such as apartments, factories, etc.

By narrow corridors and interiors of the mentioned buildings, panel tanks can easily pass through the corridors and be transferred to the final destination.

The general use of these tanks is to store water as a water tank or to store other types of liquids such as gasoline, diesel, etc.

One of the places that need smc tank is steel companies to use large sms tanks to cool and store liquids with many restrictions.

Fibergs Company announces its readiness to provide the quality of these tanks to all factories with furnaces, especially steel production companies.

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