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SMC tank – Composite panel tank – Modular tank

By science improvement, new products are made to solving nowadays human problems.

Resin composite is one of the branches which is so important and related to many new technologies.

Resin composite is the base material used in some new product like SMC Water Tanks, Manholes covers and doors, etc.

All the products mentioned have some similar advantages that will be listed below:

- All the products are nonconductor in order to use them in electricity sensitive places.

- All of them are UV resistance and can resistance from high temperature outside.

- The most important advantage is their portability.

By their structure, it is possible to transfer them through tight ways.

One of the places that ordered Fibergs a SMC Water Tank is HavaNaja in India.

The project details are as below :

The whole project was done on September in 2018.

The tank dimensions are  4*6*2 meters with the capacity of 48 cube meters.

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