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Why composite manhole valves?

Composite valve or manhole composite valve, which is used today due to its many advantages over metal lids of wastewater and is used as an alternative in metal coatings of wastewater, etc., in the United States through this composite valve for the first time in a year. 1983 It was built by an oil company called Forecourts Petro and used as a sewer cover.

This wastewater composite valve, which is used to solve the problem of high weight compared to metal valves, was much less valuable than metal lids against the risk of theft due to the use of composite compounds in their preparation and construction, and also this type of composite caps 70. Percentages are lighter than metal caps, which makes it easier to work with these types of caps and has less physical damage. In addition, other advantages of composite manhole valves include low cost of production and even maintenance compared to metal caps or concrete coatings, which is why it has now been replaced in many countries around the world.



Composite manhole valves, which are also suitable for use in all types of weather conditions, are highly resistant to corrosion and decay caused by sunlight, acidic waters and even horizontal loads due to traffic jams due to their composite composition. This has prevented the production of sound during the passage of vehicles and increased the useful life of this type of cap to more than 30 years compared to metal or concrete manhole valves, which is about 10 to 20 years. Is


Shamim Ofogh Hamoon Company, following the existence of many problems in the use of metal or concrete manhole valves compared to composite manhole valves, uses advanced global technology to produce composite manhole valves in the country and provide them to organizations such as water and sewage. , Telecommunications, gas companies, municipalities, industrial estates, etc.

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